Guardians 2017

In the Cold War, the secret group called “Patriot” is an organization of Soviet superheroes changing and increasing the genetic makeup of a range of individuals to protect the nation from superhuman threats. The team is made up of members of the Soviet Union. Arseniy known as Arsus could transform into a massive, extremely strong bear. Temirkhan (codenamed Khan) has incredible speed and is equipped with two curving blades. Lernik is codenamed Ler is capable of controlling stones and earth. In addition, Xenia can become invisible when submerged.

The program functions similarly to how the program known as Module-1 failed. The program will prompt Professor Avgust Kuratov (Stanislav Shirin) who is the inventor of Module-1 and Module-1 to flee into the wilderness and away from Soviet authorities, and carry on his work. He manages to escape from the Patriot lab , but the military asks him to return. But, he’s able to survive since he is in a secluded area surrounded by chemical substances.

Today, several walking robots that were used in training exercises go against their trainers and end up being killed. This leads to the Ministry of Defence convening a meeting and making an announcement to revive the Patriot group under the direction of Major Elena Larina and to locate their missing super agents. Ler is found meditating in Armenia, Khan in the steppes of Kazakhstan, Arsus in a remote cabin in north Siberia and Xenia doing stunts in the Moscow circus. The first task is to investigate the lab of Kuratov in an old factory. However, they are seized.

Kuratov offers his Guardians a chance of joining his army, but they decline. Kuratov then strangles Ler to death.

Major Elena frees other members of the team from Kuratov’s laboratory. She sends the former rival of Kuratov to study one of the clones Kuratov is carrying. The problem is that the real Kuratov unleashes poison gas that destroys his clones. Arsus as and the other Guardians are trained in the Patriots facility, and are provided with suits and weapons.

The Guardians travel towards Moscow: Xenia Arsus, Ler and Arsus move forward along the streets. Ler defeated a group of soldiers at the underground car park. Khan employs an aircraft to attempt to fly in the Kuratov Force field. The three Guardians go into a shopping center and then begin crossing an iron pipe that connects to the tower beacon, but are shot by Kuratov’s soldiers on another pipe. Khan is thrown from an aircraft and is able to swing an axe and slice the pipe. Kuratov’s forces are defeated.

Xenia is able to capture Xenia, as the Guardians are trying to discover a method to destroy Kuratov’s beacon power, is able to grab it and try to cut the power source. However, Khan cuts the grappling line and the Guardians fall into the water before the plane crashes.

Once they are from the river, they contemplate going back to Kuratov’s beacon to take it down and kill Kuratov however, Major Elena arrives and tells the Guardians not to. The Guardians are told that, as superhumans, they are able to combine their energy and release it as the form of a blast, but the process could result in the death of Kuratov. Kuratov is killed when the Guardians come into contact and release an energy blast that destroys Kuratov’s tower and all supporting skyscrapers. Major Elena claims that, while Kuratov boasted about having created the Guardians but the Guardians actually made them themselves.

The Guardians are recuperating, and they meet with Major Elena in the new Moscow. They decide to go back to their normal lives , but they are determined to continue their mission to support Patriot. When they leave, Elena tells them that “we discovered others Guardians. In a scene after the credits, Elena kicks an officer when the truck stops. He informs her that Ferrum sent him there for an undetermined mission.


Guardians (2017) โคตรคนการ์เดี้ยน


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